• Asia Bookroom
    A leading supplier of Asia-related learning resources. Their special catalogue for children is available for those who join their mailing list, and contains a wealth of Asian language and cultural learning materials.
  • AsiaLink // Asian Education Foundation
    Provides information, educational events and seminars and a range of other useful resources to support Asia literacy skills development. It is also the host organisation for the Asia Literacy Ambassadors program.
  • Majura Primary School
    Offers Learning Adventures’ primary Japanese program. Learning Adventures also regularly runs an information stall at Majura’s annual Spring Carnival in early September.
  • Pinocchio Early Learning Centre
    A privately owned and operated child care service providing care and education for children up to five years. Pinocchio offers Learning Adventures’ preschool Japanese program.
  • Smartstix
    At Learning Adventures we use the world’s best children’s training chopsticks that even a two year old can master before you can say ‘sushi’!  Designed by the Edison company and supplied by Smartstix, these failsafe training sets come in a junior range with colourful cartoon characters, and in bigger sizes for older children and adults too.